Janssens Fabrics & Tailoring is the sum of a hundred years of craftsmanship with Eva's expressive style, Chantal’s eye for detail, Geerts salesmanship & the meticulous skills of the golden hands in the atelier.  


Eva Janssens

‘The best compliment you can give me is: "this dress perfectly reflects who I am"’.

heroine: Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel - favourite fabric: Guipure de Calais - favourite color: depends on how I feel that day - gets inspiration from: fashion weeks, NY, daily passers-by, Tanzania, classy hotel lobbies, a meticulously suitable dish


Chantal Janssens

‘I like the technical element of customization. It's like how an architect looks at a house: certain things on a dress must be perfect. That's why Eva and I work so well together: at a fitting she focuses on how the client feels in the design, I look at the structure, at folds, lines & seams.’

favourite designer: Christian Dior, because he was absolutely unique in his timeless style - favourite fabric: cashmere, luxurious warmth in winter, soft but not heavy - favourite colour: grey - favourite sense: the eyes, because they say everything - favourite moment of the day: waking up to the first light of the day - favourite moment in the designing process: choosing the perfect fabric for the design


The golden handsn

‘We convert Eva's designs into patterns, and start working from there. Meanwhile, we have come to know each other so well, that we only need half a word from Eva to know what we need to do.’

‘No two dresses are the same, it's always something completely different. The combination of all the elements worked out down to the last detail, is what makes a dress special'.


Geert Janssens

‘That, as a father, you are lucky enough to work with your daughter and your wife; that this working together runs so smoothly, that a customer feels that everything is just right; that, is a fantastic feeling!’

Hero: my idealistic father Gaston (driven, art-loving, loving, inspiring) - favourite designer: Valentino (by his lines, he completes feminine charm in a respectful way) - favourite fabric: Chanel tweeds - favourite colour: cobalt blue