aimée is a collection of 10 wedding dresses, designed by Eva, that is inspired by all the women who so far have said 'I do' in one of Eva's designs. ‘The 10 silhouettes are named after women who have somehow touched me with their style, their smile, their wilfulness, or their strength', says Eva. 

Because the ensembles consist of several pieces, you can vary endlessly: the loose top of Nina with Aude's colourful skirt, the romantic body with sequins by Pauline with Keira's sexy overdress, and so on.

Collete--bruidscollectie--Eva Janssens--maatkleding-bruidskleding-bridal-bruidsjurk-gent-janssens-fabrics-tailoring-bruidscollectie-aimee-jolien.jpg


Luscious and exciting - white foam dress in crepe silk with deep cleavage in the front and back, and a short flared train, in which the feminine shapes are clearly expressed - an organza skirt with embroidered floral pattern can be crocheted at the waist, emphasizing the supple movements of the dress and body.



Minimalist boho chic - ivory coloured dress with the accent on the waist - upper piece in two fabrics: crepe silk, geometric lace above; the clean, open line of the neck and back attracts attention to the back - lower piece in draped silk, with a subtly short flared train that falls around the legs in flowing lines.



Fresh romance - ice white transparent corsage with appliquéd pearls and flowers - at first sight modest, snow-white skirt in two layers: underneath cloqué silk with flower pattern, above it a layer of frilled silk tulle that simultaneously hides and emphasizes the underlying flower pattern while the fabric moves.



Royal wedding dress new style - loose, not centred and simple satin silk top with deep cut-out on the back and as a neckline, follows the shape of the body without literally clinging to the skin - refined pleated skirt worked out in sumptuous guipure lace.



Symbiosis of geometry and femininity - dress made of heavier yet supple white floral silk, tightly cut with an American neck line that defines the waist and hips beautifully, flared from the knees.



Pure and simple - Nile green single-length dress in tulle silk with boat neck, kimono sleeve, wrap effect, and large split at the front - can be for a bride who chooses simplicity, as well as for the mother of the bride, or the bridesmaids.



Seductive elegance - body made of 2 pleated layers with sparkling tulle, and applications in French lace at chest level - double skirt: a pleated skirt that falls smoothly down to the ankle, and an exuberant, voluminous tulle skirt. By taking off one of the two skirts, the look is completely transformed. This dress is completely different during the day than during the evening dance, or during the civil ceremony than during the party.



Romantic sensuality - body made of two different layers of lace: underneath transparent Chantilly lace, above appliquéd tulle, finished with tulle bow sleeves upon which pearls are sewn for a subtle lustrous effect - skirt made of 3 fabrics: silk organza, polyamide tulle and silk tulle. The combination of these fabrics creates a static effect, so that the contours of the female body are nicely defined.



Playful variation on the classic cupcake - tight blush crop top with open back, made in sequin fabric - casual skirt in 4 different colours of tulle in different layers and different lengths.

maatkleding-bruidskleding-bridal-bruidsjurk-gent-janssens-fabrics-tailoring-bruidscollectie-aimee-aude 2.jpg


Refined glamour - champagne-coloured body in two layers: fine Chantilly lace, above it Milanese lace with subtly applied sequins with a cap sleeve - champagne-coloured tulle skirt in three layers of equal length, with incorporated details from the same Chantilly lace as in the body.