We create a unique silhouette, that is the fusion of your personal style with our expertise and creativity. 

We guide you through the entire process with warmth and understanding; from the first sketch to the last buttons, from the matching lingerie to the accessories that complete it, from dream to fairy tale.

The designs are made by hand in our Belgian atelier with lots of love and patience.

With us, you are safe with your wishes and desires, your story and your individuality. We accentuate your unique beauty and elegance. On simple request we add playfulness: a bold pattern, an adventurous colour element, or a rebellious detail.

How does it work?  



During the first appointment, Eva translates your story into a first sketch. Your measurements are taken, you feel and choose fabrics, brainstorm about details and you end with the design of the dress or other custom outfit.

duration: 1,5 - 2 h

preparation: (Pinterest) moodboard

timing bridal wear: between 6 - 3 months before your date of choice

timing other bespoke garments: 4 weeks

maatkleding-bruidskleding-bridal-bruidsjurk-gent-janssens-fabrics-tailoring-bruidscollectie-Eva Janssens-opmaat.jpg


During the first fitting your dress will be fully adjusted to your personal fit. Along with Eva and her team, you will put all the pieces of the puzzle together: which lingerie shape your contours, which shoes and possibly which accessories will complete your look,…

duration: 1 - 1,5 h

timing bridal wear: between 12 - 8 weeks before your date of choice

timing other bespoke garments: between 4- 2 weeks



Sometimes a second fitting is planned, in which the adjustments of the first fitting are checked. Are all the details right? Is there anything else that needs to be adjusted?

duration: 1 - 1,5 h

timing: between 5 - 4 weeks before your date of choice



Pick up your dream dress, including accessories, lingerie and shoes. You can rest assured that you will amaze your loved one and be the centre of attention at any event :-)

duration: 30 min.

timing bridal wear: between 5 - 4 weeks before date of choice

timing other bespoke garments: between 4 weeks - 1 week